Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Wentworth Metal Recycling Logo
Family owned and operated
since 1933.

community relations

wentworth metal communityThe Company was founded by Sam Rochwerg who, as an immigrant, was subjected to some forms of discrimination probably due to language barriers and the attitude of mainstream society at that time. Once he became successful, his attitude was to give back to the community that helped him. This heritage has been passed down through the generations that run the business since his passing. In the past year Wentworth Metal Recycling has been a proud sponsor of the Keep Hamilton Blooming program by maintaining the traffic island at the corner of Wentworth St. N. and Burlington St. East. We are committed to the neighbourhood we operate in and as such support the Eva Rothwell Centre at the Robert Land Community Association in every way possible.

Some recent examples during 2009 are: Sponsoring the 2009 Halloween Haunted House and sending 10 employees as volunteers; providing free disposal boxes for the use of the Centre; donating to the Robert Land Community Association on behalf of our customers. Lastly, to ensure a better awareness of the issues facing the Keith and Hillyard communities which are dependent on the Eva Rothwell Centre for services, Wentworth is represented on their Board of Directors.

For our retail business, we instituted Customer Appreciation BBQs wherein we provided free hot-dogs, hamburgers, snacks and drinks for lunch on Friday's before long week-ends. Also, we set up a free gourmet coffee station in our premises for the benefit of our Customers.