Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Family owned and operated
since 1933.


aluminum scrap pile

Wentworth Metal Recycling is a major purchaser of scrap metal from industrial, commercial, and consumer accounts. The Company buys scrap metals for subsequent resale. Non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, stainless and aluminum are purchased, upgraded, packaged and ultimately sold to smelters and refiners across North America or overseas. The Company also buys all grades of scrap metal for resale and remelt purposes. Working closely with steel mills and scrap brokers, Wentworth Metal Recycling has developed product lines that fit the needs of the particular mills we are supplying.



Both the ferrous and non-ferrous markets are highly competitive and volatile. The Company's success in these areas is attributed to the trading expertise and skills of its managers. World commodity and secondary metal markets are monitored constantly to ensure that maximum benefits are derived from all transactions. The Company operates its own fleet of trucks, ensuring prompt, efficient and courteous service to our Customer base.

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